Reel Rescue

Kris Butler : Set Medic

Set medics is more than just behind the scenes medical services. We offer safety for races, triathlons, special events, movies, tv shows, commercials, sporting events, corporate events, and just about anywhere where there is a potential for injury and safety is a priority. On the spot immediate medical services provided from small injury to trauma. Don’t let time be a factor in risking the safety of all individuals on location, add a set medic to your crew.


  • Emergency Medical Technician and National Registry Certified
  • Cal Fire Firefighter
  • Confined Space Search and Rescue Certified
  • Alameda County Reserve Firefighter
  • CPR Certified
  • IATSE Local 16

We carry:

  • Trauma Kit
  • Oxygen
  • BMV/Non Re-Breather Masks
  • C-spine Collar
  • SAM Splints
  • Fire Blanket/Burn Kit
  • Trauma Bandages
  • Ice Packs
  • Eye Rinse 
  • Medical Kit 
    • Gauze/Bandages
    • Intense Heat Topical Pain Reliever
    • Allergy Conscious Medication Alternatives 
  • And much more…


Bachelor of Arts Degree The Evergreen State College:  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography, Film, Video Production, Latin American Studies, and the Spanish Language. Graduated with Honors. In addition, I studied abroad to Costa Rica on the International Gilman Scholarship Award for photojournalism and surfing. Contact Information: (360) 867-6000,
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia, WA. 98505.

Associates of Arts Degree Las Positas College: General Education, Photography, and Fire Science. Graduated on Dean’s List with Honors. Contact Information: Las Positas College (925) 424-1000, 3033 Collier Canyon Road, Livermore, CA. 94551.


IATSE Local 478:  Motion Picture Studio Mechanics:  Contact Information: (504) 486-2192,
432 North Anthony Street STE. 305, New Orleans, LA. 70119. 

IATSE Local 16: Moving Picture Technicians: Contact Information: (415) 441-6400,
240 Second Street First Floor, San Francisco, CA. 94105.

IATSE Local 119: Bay Area Film Alliance: Contact Information: (510) 206-1987,
P.O. Box San Carlos, CA 94070.

TEAMSTER: Identification number: 008-500-3253.  Class A License, Passenger,
Haz Mat (TSA background), Doubles Triples, and Tankers Endorsements.  Contact Information:
(510) 569-9317, 400 Roland Way, Oakland, CA. 94621


Emergency Medical Technician -1/Alameda County, certification number: 10-7226

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, registry number: B1726417

CPR Healthcare Provider/American Heart Association

Confined Space Search and Rescue certified

Wild Land Interface Firefighting, certification number: S-130 S-190

Office of State Fire Marshal: Fire Investigation and Fire Prevention

FEMA: National Incident Management System, certification number: IS-00700

Water Rescue Certified

WORK EXPERIENCE - Credits listed under IMDB

Reel Rescue Set Medics and Site Photography/Director of Operations; Feature films, television commercials, raceways, firefighting, and professional sports.


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter/Twentieth Century Fox

Twilight Breaking Dawn/Twentieth Century

82nd Academy Awards/Auditions and Dance Rehearsals

Zane’s Sex Chronicles/HBO

The Gates/Twentieth Century Fox

Comedy Central/Important Things with Demitri Martin

Myth Busters/Discovery Channel

Prototype This/Discovery Channel

Battle Ground Earth/Discovery Channel Planet Green

My Name is Kahn/Feature Film

Love Struck 2/MTV-51 Minds Productions

Donny Danger/MTV-Public Announcement

NRC Environmental Safety/Medic

Infineon Raceway/Fire Medic

Lure/Feature Film

Touching Home/Feature Film

Carmel/Feature Film

Sideways/International Paramount Pictures

Darwin Awards/Feature Film

Miami Magma/Feature Film

Calvin Klien/Photoshoot

Levi Strauss/Photoshoot


Free Board/Commercial


Fidelity Investments/Commercial

Cal Fire/Fire Medic


Hall of Fame/Barry Bonds Chase

San Francisco Giants

World Series

All Star Series at San Francisco Giants

Oakland Athletics

Oakland Raiders  

The Port of San Francisco

Darwin Awards/Feature Film

Carmel by the Sea/Feature Film

Holy See Godfrey Ragio/Feature Film

International Sports Connection

Mavericks Surfing Competition

Sound (A2), Parab Operator, Utility: Professional Sports. Contact Information: IATSE Local 119 Bay Area Film Alliance. (855) 726-6261, 2735 Derby Street, Berkeley, CA. 94705. Jobs include:

ESPN • Fox Sports • World Series • NFL Network • TNT • Comcast Sports


Emergency Medical Services throughout the United States, requires anyone who is a Standby Medic to provide a current Emergency Medical Technician Certification (EMT), Paramedic License, or Registered Nurse License, a current CPR Card, a current National Registry License, and a Department of Health and Hospitals Bureau of Emergency Medical Services card from your working state. Standby Medics have to re-certify every two years for all listed certifications and licenses, and all have to be current. Due to insurance liability regulations, an EMT, Paramedic, or RN cannot provide one service over another, meaning all scopes of practice and protocols remain at equal levels on location. Not all fire departments require their firefighters to have the above listed certifications, so clients can be under the false impression that various firefighters must already be appropriately certified. The EMS Division will shut down a production or event if the standby medic is not currently certified and can result in fraud and malpractice. For insurance purposes, it is a liability not to have a certified standby medic to cover your production or event. An ambulance DMV endorsement, with DOT approved vehicles are required for any emergency transport required of your medic. Also, it is against Labor Board regulations for any union to have an EMS coordinator, a production can assign the title once the medic is hired onto the project. Knowledge is power through education, please be smart and safe about your project and your medic, check all certifications and licenses.

You can be assured Reel Rescue keeps all certifications and licenses current and adds to the resume with additional rescue classes on a continual basis.

To verify EMS requirements please contact: The National Registry at: Phone number: (614) 888-8920